I am an artist specialising in abstraction. I live and work in South London.

Through the paint my hope is to express and share emotions and feelings I’ve experienced in life. I grew up in a small Lancashire town with my teenage years spent outside and excluded from that society; not from choice I became alone and apart. The isolation impacted on me fundamentally and I think this is tangible in my work. I was drawn to art and in particular the freedom of abstraction, a world apart and without convention, a world liberated from rules.

In the creation of my abstract pieces I employ many techniques and different medium. Recently I’ve incorporated collage into the work using both vintage and new papers alongside oil and acrylic paints, pencil, charcoal and inks. When complete I often coat the paintings with a clear resin turning matt surfaces to gloss and sealing in the chaos beneath an immaculate surface.

I’m continually searching and learning, pushing further with each painting in my desire to produce something extraordinary.